End User License Agreement.

By downloading or using these files you agree to our end user license agreement.


Its easy.  Install CT-Assist Unattended Service on computers you want to connect to.

Install Ct-Assist Client or use your web browser/CT-Assist Web Client on computers you want to connect from.

CT-Assist Desktop Client

The CT-Assist Desktop Client gives you access to all your unattended computers.  It installs on your desktop PC as a regular application and allows you to have quick access to your remote computers without having to log in to the web site every time.

CT-Assist Unattended

The CT-Assist Unattended application provides VPN access to unattended remote computers.  It provides peer to peer connections and also supplies our cloud based management console with current status information.  It requires Windows 7 ,8 ,8.1, or 10.   If you want to access your remote computers anytime you want, use this.

CT-Assist Web Client

The CT-Assist Quick Web Client as a tiny application that installs in seconds and gives you the same quick access to all your unattended computers right from the online management portal.  It allows you to launch the VPN client directly from your web browser.

CT-Assist VPN Mediator

CT-Assist VPN Mediator is used to allow computers to find each other across the internet and allows your computers to be accessible behind firewalls. VPN Mediator is not required as CT-Assist by default is set to use our publicly available mediator but it can be used by individuals or  companies looking to utilize there own mediator for increased security, reduced load, location or other reasons. VPN Mediator requires Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10.  It needs to have port 8000 publicly available (port forwarding) to the internet.

CT-Assist Instant Support.

CT Instant Support is used to provide attended support to remote users.  Instant Support is a small single executable that can be quickly downloaded or placed on end user desktops. No installation required.  Just have the end user start it up and ask them for the randomly generated Id and Pass Code to remotely access their computer. Instant Support was design to be used with Kiosks, POS systems and other devices without keyboard access.